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Lawn Fawn Preorder @ Scrapbook-N-Memories

It's Lawn Fawn release time and we are taking pre-orders now at Scrapbook-N-Memories


Lawn Fawn's Newest release!! Kelly did an amazing video walking through and showing you all the new goodies with the Mini release--and incredible samples!!

We are taking pre-orders via our website at NOW!
Have a watch and then jump over to our website to reserve your must haves now!
We will keep you updated on shipment dates.

Lawn Fawn is doing something a little different for this release. Usually we have it in store release day, but because of everything going on Lawn Fawn is delayed in receiving their shipment from their manufacture.

Please note: All orders that contain pre-order items will be shipped when the pre-order item is available. If you would like your in-stock items to ship now, please place them on a separate order.


YES we are offering Curbside pick up:
Tuesday-Friday 11:00-4:00

Saturday 10:00-3:00

These are IN STOCK NOW at Scrapbook-N-Memories $6.99. 
Available online now click HERE to order.

Alrighty--who is watching Tim Holtz's LIVE videos every Saturday morning?? I know I sure am and have been learning loads--great refreshers and ways to use your products in different ways! They are all saved on his blog if you want to check them out!
At the end of Saturday's Video, Tim and Mario talked about his FAVOURITE cleaner for inky hands and right away our phone started ringing! SO of course we ordered it--and they should be here on TUESDAY!
have a watch of the video below--we ordered all 3 scent Lime, Lemon and Orange.

Here are the details:
A Scrubby is a bar of all natural soap, with a scrubber inside that fills the entire size of the bar. Our bars are made of all natural biodegradable oils. Rather than using harsh synthetic cleaning agents, we use citrus oil. The combination of citrus oil and the scrubber creates the ultimate soap for removing dirt, grease, oil, and paint. Scrubby is not just for your hands, it is also a superior product for cleaning artist paint brushes.

You! Everyone! If you're not getting dirty, greasy, oily, or painting... you're just not living!
Mechanics - removes dirt, grease, & oil
Artists & Painters - removes paint from your body,
cleans and conditions paint brushes, makeup brushes too!
Gardeners - removes dirt & sap
Kitchens - removes tough grease from pots & pans
Fishing - removes fish oil & odor from hands
Our special blend of ingredients combined with a patented natural soap infused scrubber creates a bar of soap that provides deep cleaning and moisurizing, so there is no need to grab another product or tool to finish the job. Citrus oil is an amazing biproduct of great citrus fruits such a oranges and lemons. These support the deep cleaning strength of all Scrubby Originals. Our soaps are also colored with natural ingredients! Our potently fresh scents come from 100% natural essential oils such as lavender, lemon, and lime. We use NO fragrances in our soaps.