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VIP Registration for Maker Mania 2 at Scrapbook-N-Memories

Maker Mania 2 VIP Registration
at Scrapbook-N-Memories

Did you watch our closing Facebook live with all the stores?!  
Maker Mania was a blast and we had so much fun over the
2 full days of lives.

Thank you for all the love and support. Please keep in mind to check with us on all of your new must have items. If we are currently out of it, we will get it on order for you so let us know. 

Ready for the exciting news. Maker Mania 2 is coming
January 29-31, 2021 and registration for VIP's, you, those who were part of Maker Mania 1 is open now for just a limited amount of time. One week only! 

Click Here to reserve your seat now!  
***Please do not put other items in your cart with this***
This messes up our pulling orders and those items will be held with the order until the kit comes which will be months from now.