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LAMY LX Fountain Pen - Palladium Medium Nib

This LAMY LX ("Luxe") fountain pen features a body made from palladium-colored double-anodized aluminum, a palladium-coated clip, a translucent grey triangular grip section, and a black glossy interchangeable steel nib. There are lot of subtle details on the LX as an enhancement over the similar AL-Star model, including matching metal accents on the cap end and barrel end with a shiny diamond polish, a glossy LAMY logo on the barrel, and the laser engraving on the nib. While slightly different in appearance than the other LAMY steel nibs, they are indeed swappable as well. This pen comes with a matching palladium-colored anodized aluminum pen case. It also comes with a blue LAMY ink cartridge so you can get started writing right away. If you'd like to use bottled fountain pen ink, you can also purchase a LAMY Z28 converter.