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LDRS Arches Thank You Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates

Let these arched sentiment dies be your gateway to elegant and heartfelt greetings! Send a note of appreciation or convey warmth and connection with a "thinking of you" message. The intricate arch design adds a touch of sophistication to your projects, creating a visually appealing focal point for your greetings.

Arch measures approximately 1 3/4" x 3 1/8"

Use the Arches Hello Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates in conjunction with the Arches Dies and the Arches Spotlight Stencils - 5 Pack to elevate your designs.

The Arches Hello Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates and Arches Celebrate Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates are also available.

4 Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates
2 Cutting Dies

Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates can be used with most letterpress and hot foil craft platforms in combination with most standard die-cutting machines.

They are compatible with the BetterPress.

Not for use with standard platforms and plate configurations that are included/used with die-cutting craft machines. These dies are thicker than average wafer metal dies and may damage standard die-cutting machines if used with standard platforms and plate configurations.

LDRS Creative is not liable for damage caused to die-cutting machines, platforms and/or plates.

Wafer outline cutting dies can be used with most standard die-cutting craft machines, platforms and plates. Refer to each manufacturer’s instructions for use.

To achieve professional letterpress results with the BetterPress:

1. Secure the Impress-ion Press Plate on the letterpress Chase ( magnetic platform to hold the press plate/die.
2. Tape the Card Panel onto the Platen (clear top plate with registration marks), aligning with registration marks.
3. Apply ink evenly to the Impress-ion Press Plate.
4. Create a letterpress sandwich by combining the inked Impress-ion Press Plate and Card Panel, then run it through the manual die-cutting machine for the final print.