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Flight of Creativity Mixed Media Workshop SOLD OUT

Join us for an immersive exploration of mixed media techniques in our dynamic workshop! In this class, we'll delve into the captivating realm of watercolors, embossing powders, and layered compositions to unlock the full potential of your creativity.

Through hands-on demonstrations and guided practice, you'll learn how to seamlessly integrate watercolor techniques to create vibrant and expressive backgrounds. From sprinkles to burst of colors, you'll discover the versatility and beauty of watercolor as a medium.

Next, we'll dive into the fascinating world of embossing powders, where you'll learn how to add depth, texture, and dimension to your artwork. Explore the transformative power of heat embossing as you experiment with different powders and techniques to achieve stunning effects.

Finally, we'll explore the art of layering, where you'll learn how to combine watercolors and embossing powders to build rich, multi-dimensional compositions. Discover how to create depth and visual interest through strategic layering, blending, and juxtaposition of textures.

Whether you're a seasoned artist looking to expand your repertoire or a beginner eager to explore new techniques, this class offers a supportive environment to nurture your creativity and take your artwork to new heights. Join us and unlock the limitless possibilities of mixed media!

Student Supply List:
White and Black Paint for flicking/Splats
Clear Embossing Powder
Clear Embossing Ink
Archival Black Ink Pad
Stamping Block
Stamp Set-Born to Fly
Stencil-Mini Cubist
Water Mister
Paint Brush
Heat Tool
Pop Dots
Helmar 450
Blending Tool and Foam
Splat Box

Included in Kit:
Magicals Vinny's 5 pack
Vault Lovebirds Die Cuts on Watercolor Paper
Cheese Cloth
Tim Sentiment Stickers Random