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Honey Bee Beeluxe Detail Blending Brushes Size 7

Easily apply and blend ink with this set of detailed blending brushes!

Are you having trouble blending ink into the tiny nooks and crannies of your favorite stencil? Do you wish to have blending brushes in various sizes for quick and easy ink blending? This set of high-quality blending brushes was created just for you! They are perfect for getting into the small nooks of intricate stencils, ink blending on corners, adding extra details, or applying ink to die-cuts. This handy crafting staple will elevate your projects, whether you're into card-making or mixed-media art.


Ultra soft & tightly packed white angled bristles for smooth color blends.

Size:  7 (0.2")

Angled edges work perfect to add in small details directly from the tip of the brush.

Luxury velvet soft touch barrel makes this brush a joy to use.

Design Ideas:

Apply ink through finely detailed stencils

Color in areas of a stamped image, just as you would with a colored pencil or marker. The blending is soft and effortless!

Add color to die-cuts...and more!


Set of 5 Brushes

Brush 7 (0.2")

Handle Length: 6.25"